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COVID-19 Rules and regulations during Lockdown

Dear LearnSGS students,

For the safety of our students, in-vehicle instructors, and the community, our driving school is closed for in-vehicle training. We continue to serve you online by offering the BDE  Driving Course digitally. You may enroll and start the theoretical part of the course online. For the in-vehicle driving lessons, they will be only offered once the school is allowed to operate in-person again.

You can register now for the Beginner Driver Education Course,  flexible dates are available!

These may help you out!

Driver Resources

At LearnSGS, we offer a lot, but some things are just better to get right from the source. Use these driving resources to prepare for your tests and learn more about the process of getting your Ontario driver’s license.

DriveTest Fees

View the current DriveTest pricing and test booking options.

MTO Approved Schools

Discover which driving schools the government has approved to offer BDE programs.

G1 Practice Test

Test your driving knowledge with this FREE test before taking the real one.

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Driver's Handbook

The official online version of the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver’s Handbook.

Senior License Renewal

Get the latest information when it comes to Ontario’s senior driver programs.

Getting Your License

Learn about Ontario’s graduated licensing system and how you can get your full license.

See what others have asked us

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the covid 19 lockdown guidelines, LearnSGS is not conducting in-vehicle  lessons at the moment. We do however offer the BDE course online for your convenience.

On average, a student takes 4-8 weeks to complete the BDE online course, however, you do have 1 full year to complete it. Word of advice, do not rush the course as you are taking your in car lessons, use the lessons learnt to apply with on road techniques.

LearnSGS understands that emergencies occur, however we do ask that you cancel or reschedule with 24hr notice. By doing so, we will allow you to save your lesson for another day and time. If this a continued behaviour, you will have to pay a re-booking fee.

Unfortunately not at this moment. Packages are expected to be paid in full before the course key is given and the in car lessons begin.
Our bring a buddy program only applies to our BDE packages. Each package has a specific discount associated within 5-15%. If you refer/bring a buddy, you will both receive a discount off your chosen package.
We take payments upon booking your lesson or course package via credit card. For all other payment options, please reach out to our team to make the necessary arrangements.
For BDE packages, there are 2 steps to complete registration.
Step 1: choose your package start date and enter payment details.
Step 2: fill out your online class registration form.
As a courtesy to students, LearnSGS books road tests for all registered students, however, booking a road test can be done by anyone. If you are being charged elsewhere for booking a road test, please reconsider. In order for SGS to book your road test you will need to register for one of our course packages.

Learn SGS does not issue refunds for BDE packages. ( Bronze, Silver, Gold ). Once the registration link has been used, it is a binding contract that the student will complete purchased hours and a minimum of 10 hours in the vehicle, as discussed.
Other purchased packages are discussed on a case-by-case basis.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we let nerves take over, other times we are over confident. You can always rebook your road test within 10 days at the DriveTest centre (please note that additional fees will apply). It’s best advised to book your test with an additional driving lesson to help conquer those fears.
Of course, they are a great gift idea! Any amount can be purchased and students can use them towards our packages or individual one-on-one lessons.
Your first lesson is never easy and it can be nerve wracking. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a good first experience:
  1. Always have your permit/drivers licence. Your instructor will always ask for it.
  2. If you wear glasses please bring them with you.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing.
  4. Turn your cell phone off or put it on silent prior to getting in the vehicle.
  5. Bring an open mind and willingness to learn 🙂
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